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All dental restorations can now be done digitally (COMPLETE DIGITAL WORKFLOW)
Restorations that can be performed on the CAD CAM SYSTEM: therapeutic splints, surgical splints in implants, crowns and bridges up to 16 elements, individually designed implant abutments, provisional material in various materials, skeletal work, 3D Print, Laser, Intraoral and Zebriss scanners etc..Intraoral scanners make it possible to scan your mouth digitally for teeth massaging. compared to other methods. Both Zebris and Intraoral Scanners communicate with each other via Wirless. Every technical and diagnostic material can be built with great precision in a digital way that guarantees speed and efficiency in our works.

For a period of 20 years we think it is enough to create the right experience in dental techniques. Tirana Dental Clinic has a staff of 8 dental technicians and 10 employees who provide quality, aesthetic, correct and guaranteed with their work.
Tirana Dental Clinic offers the latest techniques, from aesthetic to simple restaurants.
Professional courses have been pursued both at home and abroad, at the most prestigious firms operating in the field of dentistry. All this has helped us to improve our work and to treat this field with professionalism. We hope that in this material we will give you the right information about our work.

Teeth restoration at Tirana Dental Clinic is available in various variants.
Material quality, technology, dedication and professional ability make perfect tooth restoration both aesthetically and functionally present. At Tirana Dental Clinic it is possible for the patient to be offered a job where life expectancy, comfort and function are at the right level.
As mentioned above, professional knowledge, the use of high quality materials, taking into account the cooperation and assistance of the clinics we work in, have made it possible to work in this laboratory with combined techniques such as: corons or bridges. porcelain metal combined with skeletal work, placing different attachments, or combined with telescopic corona. The latter give us the opportunity to provide the patient with sufficient function and stability and a better aesthetic than simple work.

In recent years Tirana Dental Clinic has been working with great seriousness in the aesthetics of dental restoration.
In aesthetic techniques we have chosen porcelain zircon and press techniques. Porcelain zircon bridges or sheets are cad-cam techniques, where the precision of the work is at the highest level, this is made possible by model scanning, work modeling, made possible by the design program. The braking technology used in this case is what enables the best results in terms of adaptation and accuracy in these works. In these works we guarantee a better connection of the bridge body with the porcelain, good bridge adaptation as well as the aesthetics given the vitality of our products. The lack of mouthwash that is present in porcelain metal bridges makes us as a staff to have the zirconium works to our preference.

Press (full porcelain) technique is the technique where the aesthetics are dominant. It can also be combined with the cad-cam technique. The results in this technique are at the highest level of aesthetics. Works such as porcelain facades, onlay, inlay, coronas, and three element bridges are part of this technique, which occupies the leading position in aesthetics work in this laboratory.
In this technique, thanks to a good collaboration with the clinics we have achieved maximum results. If we have mentioned comfort and aesthetics above, with the press technique there is no room for comment.